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Kia has always been known for creating reliable, affordable vehicles that are innovative and eye-catching in their design. The Kia Niro is no exception, offering a unique SUV-like style that’s sleek enough to get noticed anywhere. Of course, perhaps the best feature is that it looks nothing like the electric vehicle that it is. This model is available in various electric configurations, giving you the chance to get the hybrid that suits your needs.

The electric model of the Niro offers an impressive range of nearly 250 miles, and the plentiful safety and driver-assist systems give drivers peace of mind, as with every model from Kia. Drivers will have the choice of a straight hybrid, an electric vehicle, and a plug-in hybrid option. Each one shares the same features and body styling, with an unassuming look that doesn’t follow the futuristic style of many other hybrids on the market today.

The Backing of the Kia Brand

Of course, you can’t talk about a Kia vehicle without talking about its impressive warranty and reliability ratings. This brand is known for making some of the most unique but capable vehicles on the road today. This one is no different. The Niro can keep pace with the sporty Kia brand, offering nimble handling, quick acceleration, and an optional Sport drive mode to improve the power even more.

Like most electric vehicles and hybrids on the market, this one operates quietly, and it offers quite a comfortable ride on the open road. It even has impressive performance and power on the base models, thanks to the fact that electric vehicles enjoy plenty of instant torque and acceleration. The exact engine builds and specifications will vary depending on the type of hybrid that you choose, but all of them are quite impressive on their range, fuel economy, and horsepower.

Kia Keeps it Simple

Even though the features and standard equipment are anything but basic, Kia is all about simplicity in its vehicle designs. The brand knows that the SUV style is preferred to the space-age look of some hybrids on the market today, which is why they designed the Niro with the sleek, curved exterior that is reminiscent of some of today’s best-selling models.

As always, pricing is affordable even for the high-end trims, and base models are definitely in the budget for just about everyone. This car is priced a little higher than most in the Kia family because it is a hybrid, but it’s still comparable to others in the market, and in many cases, can even beat the competition overall.

Consider This Hybrid for Your Next Vehicle

If you’ve been waiting for a better hybrid to come along, this might just be it. Take the time to check out the available models for yourself and see what features you fall in love with. For the driver who wants a hybrid that doesn’t scream its intentions, the Kia Niro definitely fits right in with its typical SUV design and powerful performance. In fact, you might even forget that you’re driving a hybrid.

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